Forklift truck service, maintenance and repair are a core part of Kanoo Machinery’s unique offering. We operate one of the largest independent fork truck service infrastructures in the Gulf dedicated to the service and support of materials handling operations. With regional service centres and over 200 skilled engineers you are never far away from a helping hand.


As specialists in the maintenance and service of Hyster forklift trucks and other types of lifting equipment we provide a one-stop solution for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain. As an independent service organisation customers' trust us to provide a dedicated and intelligent service to all their material handling needs. Our highly experienced and trained service engineers lead industry standards and have available a full van stock of parts and the latest in field based service technology to support them.

  • Full national coverage
  • Local service engineers
  • 2 hour average response
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fully-equipped vans
  • Thorough examinations


We are structured to make life easy for you with a local service team dedicated to your account, including field service manager and CRM manager as well as your local service engineers. Clear lines of communication and planned maintenance visits enable us to manage your fleet for maximum uptime. In the event of breakdown local support is available 24/7 through our dedicated response lines which are electronically linked to all of our engineers. GPRS van tracking and a computer based parts and skills set inventory allows dispatchers to route the best engineer for the job to get you moving again as quickly as possible.


A preventative maintenance programme from Kanoo Machinery will help ensure your lift trucks and associated equipment get the right level of servicing for your application. Based around typical 500 hour service intervals our service visits are agreed in advance and positioned outside the fleet's operational window to avoid disruption. Oil sampling and trend analysis can help us detect any developing problems, identifying issues such as dust and water contamination, component wear and oil degradation helps us deal with engine problems before they lead to failure.


Our Unique R.M.S Remote Monitoring System offers 24/7 real time monitoring of assets which proactively monitors equipment and system performance.  Its Heavy Machinery Management software will capture live information on operation, performance, and utilisation of each forklift, generator, excavator, etc. and will also trigger immediate alarms on faulty equipment and can help anticipate failure. The system monitors trends in equipment performance and predicts when maintenance is needed and, essentially, ensures that it is undertaken before any breakdown occurs ensuring maximum utilisation of your fleet and thus increasing UPTIME.


Our tailored fork truck service programmes are adapted according to hours, usage and application conditions. Tailored forklift servicing minimises the potential for breakdown and related component damage in non standard applications whilst also helping to maintain safety. Our unique fleet management telemetry device "RMS" enables servicing by actual hours and can alert us remotely of any major fault with your truck.

Annual Thorough Examination visits can be included to help ensure your trucks are safe and that your statutory obligations are met. In addition Hyster can arrange planned visits to check and service your forklift tyres and batteries to help performance and reduce cost.

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