RMS-ContentImage.jpgKanoo Machinery introduces a unique Machine

"real time single platform Remote Monitoring System"

This now gives Kanoo the edge over our competition.

Our software suite can address problems through its state-of-the-art solution using machine telemetries for the integration of machine tracking, machine management and real-time alarm monitoring. It includes Kanoo Machinery's powerful tools for managing preventive maintenance.


Real time position and status information for any number of machinesCombining GPS and M2M means that these services are enhancing our customer experience throughout the heavy machinery sector. It supplies a wide range of real time data including and is:

  • Travel history including speed, event alerts and engine on or off times
  • Real-time display of machine parameters
  • Details of speed limit violations,
  • Number of occasions, actual speed on each occasion with date,time and place
  • Real time machine parameter values
  • Reports with date, start and end location, as well as driver information
  • Machine activity analysis tools.rms pic.jpg
  • Notification of critical alarms by email and SMS
  • Schedule of maintenance for all machines

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